Discover more ways to READ, MAKE, and EXPLORE this summer. Good Luck!


Listen to one of the audio books from the Audies list of winners.

Write a very short story. Flash fiction is

Read aloud to a friend or family member, or have them read aloud to you.

Write a letter or email to your favorite author.

Journal. Write down your observations. Write about your worries. Start a bucket list.

Join a book club, or start a bookclub with your friends or family.

Turn the subtitles on when watching videos, movies, or tv.

Read a comic or graphic novel series. Or, watch the anime that goes with a popular manga title. *with subtitles!

Write a letter from one character in your book to another.

Rewrite a scene from a book but recreate it as a TV show, musical, or play.


Record the voiceover for a Book Trailer. Or, record a short audio clip of your testimonial or review for a book you love.

Make a recipe you heard about on TikTok.

Make a playlist to go along with a book you’ve read.

Make a T-shirt, keychain, or other item in the IdeaLab to match your favorite book, character, or author.

Make your own pizza! You can usually get pre-made dough at your favorite pizza place. See who does it better.  

Make a freezer pie! No bake, perfect for summer, or perfect for a picnic.

Upcycle! Use cardboard to create a 3D piece of art. Rip it up, glue it together, and make a sculpture or collage.

Sew! Use your library card to check out a sewing machine. What can you create in the 4 week loan period?


Join a TAB - explore your power in your community

Take an online course through Master Class.

Learn a new skill that could turn into a business eg. Babysitting or dog-walking.

Visit a place you’ve never been before in Denver. Did you know Jazz in the Park is a free concert series?

Use your library card to get free access to classes and bootcamps on Udemy. Learn data science, coding, drawing, game development, finance, architecture, or guitar.

Try a recreational sport like Bocce, Kubb, Pickleball, KanJam or PaddleSmash.

Explore the world of symmetry and patterns with Mandala Gaba. This website is an interactive drawing board that instantly mirrors your designs to create mandala style artworks online.