Discover more ways to READ, MAKE, and EXPLORE this summer. Good Luck!


Alphabet scavenger hunt. Find and write the name of one object for each letter of the alphabet.

Write a letter or email to your favorite author.

Tired of reading? Listen instead! Call Phone-a-Story 720-865-8500, pick the option that suits you best and… voila! Listen to a story on the phone.

Research your favorite animal. Share a fact about them with a friend or family member.

Turn the subtitles when watching videos, movies, or tv.

Read and repeat. Do you have a favorite book? Read it another time!

Make a word jar. Write down new and interesting words and keep them in a word jar. Pull out a word to see how many ways you can use it in a day.

Enjoy famous actors reading popular children’s books through Storyline Online, provided by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Play a reading game on PBS Kids. Find your favorite PBS characters, choose your own adventures, and have fun with words.

Are you a fan of the I Survived series? Check out Lauren Tarshis: I Survived to learn way more about her books.


Use a recipe and make something to eat.

Make slime, playdough, or cloud dough.

Visit an ideaLAB. Learn how to make something using a new tool or machine.

Ask a family member to teach you how to make your family's favorite meal.

Make a gift for someone you care about.

What makes your family unique? Create art inspired by your family. Have you ever made a collage before?

Make a costume. Be someone or something new! Use old or borrowed clothes and craft supplies to dress up.

Make a rock collection. Egg cartons make great boxes for collecting and sorting objects.  

Make a letter sound book. Staple paper together to make a book with a page for each letter of the alphabet. Draw pictures of things on each page that start with that page’s letter.

Create a map of your neighborhood using paper and color. Decide where you would hide treasure and mark it on your map.


Play a new card or board game. Ask a friend or family member what their favorites are?

Visit a museum or cultural center. Go for free with your library card. 

Observe and draw. Look closely at items in your life and draw what you see around you. Try it outside!

Create a fort. Use blankets or pillows, grab a few sticks, or whatever's handy, to build a special hideaway.

Learn about jobs. Ask a grownup in your life about their job. What do they do for work? How did they get their job?

Learn a new dance move. Or. create your own signature move.  Can you teach it to a friend?

Discover music. Ask a friend or family member to share a favorite song or musical artist.

Look for shapes in the clouds.

Go birdwatching.

Paint rocks so they look like animals. Can you hide them outside for others to find?